Learning To Win

I’ve been through so much just trying to give others the opportunities I have obtained in this online adventure. I must say i couldn’t have come here today without the help of other blogs that offer a great learning experience but i also admit that i have spent quite a few dollars on one of the worlds oldest resources. Text. Books have been my number one insurer of great information. I have not only expanded my knowledge through so many different subjects but also made quite a few dollars with information from a number of great books. Now Amazon is making it easier and easier for you to learn. they have a great system for college students. They receive a lot of the rewards a Prime user gets for free signing up through a .edu email address. They have they’re own textbook buy, sell and trade system. this allows me to gain my full potential without spending an extra dime at times. The number one reason i choose Amazon over other sites when it comes to the books i need is the ease at which i can find these books for such low prices. we all know Amazon offers us half of the world already. (Not literally) Now i’ve mentioned for you here just a few simple ways that you can earn money specifically for Amazon along with instructions on how to redeem an E-Gift Card. (Electronic Gift Card) I cannot stress enough the importance of reading actual books that will increase your knowledge in a subject that will boost your skills and help you to better understand and intemperate the ins and outs of creating a revenue for you on and offline. The best advise that i can give you is to take a look at this section for your Best Learning Opportunity.

Biggest Cashback Apps And Sites

With these cashback and savings sites and apps you can shop like a winner every time. These are amazing sites for those of us who want more benefits for the money we spend. If you already receive cashback through other places (like credit cards) there are rewards here that i’m sure are greater. Of course it depends on the app or site and store you are looking to shop at. Also there is a few extra dollars you can earn in this section just for signing up or other simple ways. For best results be sure to check these places out for more details on their sites, apps and their great rewards.

Ibotta – Ibotta is the perfect shopping accessory. You can earn in three different ways here and this includes Snapping pics of your receipt, linking your store loyalty card and using the mobile app. I strongly recommend that you link your stores loyalty card or simply use the mobile app. I have something else for that receipt. Get a $10 sign-up bonus with referral code pljpfov.

Ebates – Ebates has been around since 1998 paying out over $325 million out to its customers. With credentials like that who wouldn’t want to be a part of this site. Ebates is for just about any type of shopper. The best part about this site is if you are on a computer you can download Ebates for Chrome users. This will automatically add promo codes at the check out of thousands of sites. Head there now and pick up another $10 dollars after your first purchase.


BeFrugal – I’ve seen up to 27% cashback here at BeFrugal. Just more and more oppurtunity laid out on the floor for you. Glad i could help. Not enough for you? How about another $10 sign up bonus.Head over to BeFrugal for that today.


TopCashback – This is one great site to hover over. It claims stake to being the highest paid cashback site online. With so many sites out there its really hard to say, however I can say that TopCashback is heavily in competition with the other sites you will find on this post. Shop as early as right now with yet another sign up bonus of $10 at TopCashback.


Getpiggy – At this site/app you get great rewards for spending money. Keep an out here every once in a while. Although its the lesser known site compared to others I have been able to find better coupons here every now and then. $5 sign up bonus.


Of course there are thousands of stores out there and a lot of them have significant trust in these sites to deliver they’re promise to you. I use these sites very often. More the app version for on the go tasks for certain sites but I’ve scanned them out and been paid by them. there are other sites i am getting into and i will be back to speak on them provided they deliver on they’re promises. That is my job here at MoneyHounds after all. Hope you enjoyed this quick list stay tuned for more ideas from all corners of the internet.

Investment Tools And Banking Ideas

I would like to talk about a few ventures I have found myself wrapped up in from time to time and also how important these sites and apps features have been in my journeys. Let’s talk autopilot. Saving without noticing, creating a revenue without watching. Then again there are more hands on people who like to be aware of what they are doing. That’ perfectly fine if you have the time, brains, and a good intuition. Theses sites and apps are for all of you. Take a look at a few ways to invest while saving time and being scam free through it all.

Acorns – I love Acorns for the fact that it does absolutely everything for me. This is an investment app that allows you to add literally pennies at a time. There are a lot of great ways to invest your money here and it takes just 5 minutes to set up. once you are set up its like autopilot in the savings & Earnings plane. Set up an account through the link given  and earn $10 after your first investment.


Stash – Another great savings/investment app. It offers the same idea as Acorns with a different Ways to add your investments. Acorns will accept a prepaid card as well as any bank card however, Stash only allows bank cards to be assigned. these two apps are a great addition. Together theres nothing better. besides maybe another free $5 with your first investment to Stash through my link.

Clink – Another way to save on autopilot. Here you have multiple opportunities to save however you like and again here you will earn another $5 on your first deposit. Look at you Raking in the free money now. Imagine if all your deposit money was from surveys…so much for free from home.

BeFrugal.com Cash Back

Qapital – Ever really want something but you find it hard to save the funds for it. Fear that no more. With Qapital you set your own goals. whether it be a trip to Peru or saving for a brand new lawn mower the power is in your hand with this great savings app. This is one of the most useful savings app on the market so even if you cant think of anything to save for right now i highly advise you to grab the Qapital app and start saving today. $5 comes with the first deposit. Cant beat free.


PayPal – When it comes to securing your funds and personal information PayPal may be number one in the market. With this online banking feature you can do just about anything with added security. Link your cards to this account and you never have to add an actual dollar to PayPal but rest assured your money will be filtered through them at checkouts of thousands of online sites. Entrepeneurs can come check out their business section. There are to many benefits of PayPal. Why else would they be the icon of internet banking.

Payoneer – Lets talk international. Payoneer can help you sell to a large number of countries and can accept more than its fair share of different currencies.This may be the best online banking solution of its kind for businesses looking to expand globally.


Lets face it, there are so many sites and apps out there that can benefit your funds and help secure your future. These are a few that i found most helpful myself. there are others i have tried and they didn’t seem to add up to the standards of these. i am learning more and more about Forex and Stock Trading as well so please stay tuned for more information on that category as well.

Top Ranking Survey Sites

I’ve taken my time to set aside a variety of different links for you to try. At each of these sites you will earn your way to rewards such as PayPal, Amazon and number of other gift cards and also a few chances to give some spare change to charity. The choice is yours because this is all money that you earn.

  • PayPal – For those of you who are unaware of what PayPal is; PayPal is the leading online banking system offering you safer purchases on and offline. You can learn more from their website about their features but it is important for you to sign up for an account to receive funds.

I want to just brief you real quick on the world of survey sites. One these sites pay. Two some sites are better than others but all sites are good. The reason I say this is each of these sites will earn you either points or cash at any given time. Points add up to cash or a variety of other rewards. Three some sites are no minimum payout. Meaning you can withdraw funds at any time. Others pay out only after you’ve reached a goal amount and others have a set limit of points to redeem rewards or cash. Lastly all of these places are guaranteed to pay and I’ve made close to an extra $500 in a single month working with these sites as well as working my normal odd jobs throughout the day. No more waiting let’s make some cash.

  • PrizeRebel – PrizeRebel was the first site I learned of and I’ll tell you first when I found it was broke with nothing, save a few extra hairs…maybe… Anyways the point system here is great you get paid surveys, cash back for shopping even paid to sign up to sites or worldly things such as credit cards and much more. 500 points is minimum cash out to $5 PayPal or a variety of gift cards. Trust me you’ll see that 5 quick.


  • Quickrewards – I have 3 favorite sites and you are getting those three first. I could definitely make the argument that quick rewards is the best site I’m signed up to. Thats #1 out of possibly 80 sites. You only get paid cash here and the name is very consistent with how the site actually works. Payouts in under 24 hours ( usually receive mine at 12 am the day following my request) and when I’m really focused on this site I can make upwards of $50 a day. Head over to QuickRewards and rack up on the goods.


Opinionoutpost – When it comes to dealing with sites with a point system, I don’t believe there’s a better site around than Double O. There are hundreds of apps and sites out there that would gladly watch you sweat out a couple of months trying to reach 10,000 points for a mere $10. Others will make you half insane with just trying to reach 1000 paying out points to download other apps half are scams half take months for low dollars. Join OpinionOutpost and cash out at 100 points for $10. Simple and easy. My advice keep these three on your list.


  • Qmee – How about an app. Download Qmee to your cell or tablet. This app has no minimum cash out and it pays you instantly. If you chose the PayPal option (the only other option I’ve tried is charity) the second you send that payment its received. Not to mention for a little while I’m giving the link that will earn you an extra 50 cents on your first cash out.


One more great app for the Amazon shoppers. For this you wont need an Amazon account but If you don’t have one I strongly advise you to get one they are completely free and Amazon has a ton of stuff at all sorts of prices. Almost anything you think of can be searched out and bought here. If you don’t have an account you can sign-up at Amazon.com. You can also receive $5 off of your first purchase using my invite code DEREK34873N and I will also receive a $5 coupon so thank you sincerely to those who do.

  • QuickThoughts – Quickthoughts is the ultimate survey app for amazon lovers on the go. Surveys are easy, never to long, and $2.00 a piece for most of them. In fact at QT you’ll earn $0.10 for every survey you enter but don’t qualify for. Cash-out to Amazon E-Card only. This is where the account comes in. Copy your E-Code for Amazon and head on over to their website.
  • Click the link that says YOUR ACCOUNT.
  • Scroll down to AMAZON WALLET.
  • Paste your code into the box click Check to be sure of your claim and APPLY TO YOUR BALANCE to redeem your claim.

Voila, you’re own personal Amazon bank account. Save All of your amazon gift cards here. Find all sorts of amazing and cool stuff, household appliances and necessities, clothes and shoes, school supplies, electronics etc. Great way to earn for that new phone or the perfect dress. I could go on for days. Lucky For you I wont. You’d end up as bald as me.

Now with my top 3 sites out of the way and 2 amazing apps, I’ve devised a list of other great sites for you to help further grow that pocket size. It doesn’t work with hair. Trust me I’ve tried.

PaidViewpoint – $15 minimum cash out is perfect at PV because the more you participate the higher your trait score goes. The higher the trait score the more you can earn per survey. This is definitely a site better for the long run and once you’ve made it you will not be disappointed. PaidViewpoint is a must have.


SurveyClub – Having trouble finding surveys that fit you. I’m here to help and so is SurveyClub. here you can search additional panels (surveys) by state. Earning money easier makes life more enjoyable. Cash-out here for $20.  Sign-up for this great opportunity here at Moneyhounds.


SurveySavvy – SurveySavvy is not a bad website to be signed up for. In fact they are offering an extra $5 dollar per month per device to those who install SavvyConnect on their internet connected devices. If you’ve got a few extra computers, smartphones or tablets lying around this is the site for you. Minimum payout request here is only $1 but you might want to make more than that as they only pay checks here. Don’t forget you can take surveys to earn more.


Clixsense – This is the place to be to earn money in all kinds of ways.  There is so much to do here I almost get lost in a maze sometimes. A very rewarding Maze that is. This is another site i could continue on about but you should really have a look for yourself.

I assure you there are plenty of ways to earn money online, right there at home. This is an amazing opportunity. The list of things you can do with this money is endless because it belongs to you because you earned it. Be sure to reward yourself. Keep tuned to MoneyHounds as I will be updating the site regularly. If you haven’t signed up for MH I strongly suggest you do so. I will be able to help you with more information, one on one help and i occasionally E-mail new sites to try out that might become your favorite over others. I just hope you enjoy yourself and earn some dollars. Continue reading “Top Ranking Survey Sites”